Cherry Hill Community Promotes Attendance

By: Malika Jones, Abilities Network

Regular attendance in school is a pivotal aspect of school readiness. Chronic absenteeism is an epidemic that currently plagues the schools in Baltimore City; the community of Cherry Hill isn’t much different. To help motivate students and ensure that ALL families know the importance of attendance, a community wide effort has ensued. Malika Jones with the help of the Baltimore Attendance Collaborative has expanded the messaging around attendance. A Never Late Nate (NLN) Checklist along with other attendance materials have been heavily distributed to help parents understand what they can do to ensure their child attends school every day.

The NLN Checklist helps students get into the routine of making sure that the many obstacles preventing regular attendance are resolved; inclement weather, routes to schools, bed time/school arrival, etc. The Checklist is placed in a sheet protector with an attached magnet and dry erase marker; for daily use. The schools in Cherry Hill loved the idea of students taking personal initiative of their regular attendance in school. More importantly, the families and students LOVED the idea and thought it was a fun activity. Parents looked at the checklist as a guide to help students better prepare the night before for the next school day!


Kim Eisenreich September 24, 2015 Blog