Commodore to College!

By: Michael Glenwick, Community School Coordinator, Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle

At the Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School in East Baltimore, attendance is a team sport. With nearly 800 students currently enrolled, CJR is a big school that requires a number of players, each of whom brings his or her own skill set to the table. The Commodore Attendance Team includes approximately ten Commodore employees, who meet every Wednesday morning to discuss the positives and negatives around attendance and how to best ensure that all 792 students are at school and on time at 7:10 AM.

The team leverages individual relationships with students, teachers, and families to positively affect attendance outcomes. Not only do team members review data to identify and target specific students who are in need of additional support, but they also brainstorm attendance-relative incentives to promote positive attendance for all students. Individual team members are assigned specific grades to focus on in order to make sure that our work is targeted and relevant, always aligned with the school’s vision that we will move 100% of students from Commodore to College!



Kim Eisenreich September 25, 2015 Blog