Feet to the Street

By Aram Boykin, Community School Coordinator, Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School

At Mergenthaler High School, our attendance initiative has to be a little more aggressive because of the size of the school. Because of the 1700 student population, it is fair to say that students get lost. With having so many other students, sometimes we don’t notice the lost kids. With a freshman class of almost 500 students, we know that we have to be aggressive in keeping our students engaged and involved and set alerts to let us know if these students are developing any patterns of not attending school. So with the help of the Family League, we are doing the Feet to the Street initiative. Any student who was chronically absent in their 8th grade will receive a home visit to ensure that the student is attending school regularly and to aggressively address any problems that the student is having so that the school, community coordinator and all other parties can assist to eliminate the problem.

At this time several students have had the home visit conducted and Mergenthaler has successfully given the students uniforms, enrolled the student in the lunch program and tracking the student’s attendance progress. We are excited to conduct more home visits and see what progress can be made to reaching the attendance goals set for this year.


Kim Eisenreich September 22, 2015 Blog