School Uniforms

Baltimore City Public School District’s policy regarding school uniforms does not allow any school to send a student home because they are not in their school uniform. Information about this policy can be found on the district website or on page 12 of the Code of Conduct.

While the district policy is a great step to ensure students are able to attend school every day, uniforms can still be a barrier to students. Unfortunately, some schools are still sending students home because they are not in uniform. In addition, not all parents understand that they can and should still send their children to school even if they do not have uniform. However, many schools have come up with creative ways to help families access school uniforms and a few of those practices are highlighted below.

  1. Establish a uniform bank at the school where students can turn in gently used uniforms that they have either grown out of or no longer need to be available for other students.
  2. Many schools have a washer and dryers in the school where staff wash uniforms for students.
  3. Some schools without laundry facilities have partnered with a local laundromat or community-based organization/faith-based organization to help wash uniforms.
  4. For students who do not show-up in uniform they have to wear a University hoodie and then research one or two facts about that university as a consequence for being out of uniform.
  5. Through community partnerships some schools are able to provide uniform vouchers to families who cannot afford school uniforms.
  6. Involve students in the design and selection of school uniforms.
  7. The school purchases the uniforms and parents then buy the uniforms from the school making them more affordable and accessible to families.

These are just a few examples of how schools are using creative problem solving and collaborating with community partners to ensure school uniforms are not a barrier for students to attend school every day.


Kim Eisenreich October 2, 2015 Blog