Schools are on the front lines in addressing issues of attendance and chronic absenteeism, so they need to be armed with the most powerful tools and resources that have been proven to work. But no two schools or communities are the same, so what works for one may not have the same effect in another. However, the Baltimore Attendance Collaborative believes in the sharing of successes and ideas to help practitioners adapt resources to meet their own schools’ needs.

The resources and tools below have been graciously shared by school staff across Baltimore City, highlighting what different approaches to chronic absence intervention can look like. These resources fall into the following categories:

  • Videos highlighting successful attendance campaigns and actions,
  • Tracking documents to help schools understand individual and school-wide attendance rates,
  • Informational documents and flyers to help inform families why daily attendance is so important, and
  • Engagement documents to encourage buy-in from students and teachers.

Questions about these resources and tools can be directed to the contributors themselves, as they are all credited to the Baltimore City Public School that submitted them.

We will continue to update this page as we learn of new tools, resources, and strategies that are working in Baltimore.

Attendance Protocols

Miscellaneous Tools and Resources

Tracking Sheets/Worksheets

Attendance Posters


  • Lakeland March Madness Video (Lakeland Elementary) – This video features the students of Lakeland Elementary whose classes are competing in an innovative school-wide attendance challenged, modeled after basketball’s March Madness brackets.
  • The Statisticks Lottery (Grade Level Reading – — This video shows the inequities that arise between student outcomes, often depending on where they grow up, with an emphasis on differing attendance and educational opportunities.