Students & Families

While schools are often seen as the source of interventions around attendance, families and students are able to make the most immediate impact on attendance habits. The members of the Baltimore Attendance Collaborative aim to empower the families and students that our schools and organizations serve, helping them understand why attendance is so critical and what they can do at home to support their child’s ability to come to school every day ready to learn.

Many of the resources and tools below have been graciously shared by school staff across Baltimore City, and they include:

  • Videos highlighting successful attendance campaigns and actions
  • Informational documents and flyers to help inform families of why daily attendance is so important

Questions about these resources and tools can be directed to the contributors themselves, as they are all credited to the Baltimore City Public School that submitted them or the originating organization’s website.

We will continue to update this page as we learn of new tools, resources, and strategies that are working for students and families in Baltimore.

Flyers/Information for Parents